Why DeU?

DeU America Organic Skin Care Products

DeU products are derived from seaweed and natural plants

DeU is an amazing skin care line that does exactly what it says it will do! This product line is entirely organic, natural, free of preservatives or other chemicals, entirely derived from extracts of seaweed, algae, and natural plants, tested only clinically, never on animals, vetted by studies conducted at the University of Milan and from our experience with it in private practices over the past year. If you want to have beautiful skin, then you definitely want to use DeU!

Preserve Youthful Skin

It wasn't that long ago that people just naturally wrinkled up and died by the time they were 60 or 65 years old. In those days, it seemed normal for people to look like dried up prunes as they were aging. Today, we live much longer and most of us remain productively involved in the workplace and active in social settings well into our later years. With dating websites for folks in their 70's and 80's, it is clear that we want to look our best as long as possible.

Because of the harmful effects of sun exposure, gravity, cigarette smoking and bad diet, men & women in their 20's, 30's and 40's need to aggressively pursue a skin and total body care plan to ensure that they can lead a long, productive, and above all, youthful life for decades to come! With the advent of the DeU Skin Care System from Ross Pharma in Italy, not only do we now have the ability to preserve and protect our precious, glowing, youthful skin if we start using it while we are still youthful but we can literally 'turn back the clock' for those of us who are older and already suffering the fine lines, wrinkles, poorly pigmented, and inelastic skin.

DeU Delivers the Beauty of Science

At DeU America and The Beauty & Wellness Center, we specialize in restoring the beautiful appearance and glowing skin tones of our youth while teaching the amazing anti-aging, anti-oxidizing benefits of good nutrition, metabolic and hormonal supplementation, and the overall approach to the delightful, beautiful life. Whatever your age, DeU has products that will restore and rejuvenate your skin, products that will eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, restore tone, balance, and elasticity to your damaged skin. Forget about the claims that other skincare lines make - DeU has the right products for you! DeU will eclipse all the others once the secret is out - these are products that do what all the others claim to do. DeU delivers the beauty of science through beautiful skin.

ALLINONE Active Serum

Build a Foundation with ALL-IN-ONE Active Serum

Start with the DeU ALL-IN-ONE Active Serum. Use it twice a day for 21 days, then follow with a maintenance program of the DeU Seaweed Serum Gel to improve and amplify the awesome effects of the Active Serum. If you begin your regimen each day with the DeU Ocean Wave Cleanser and if you exfoliate once or twice a week with the DeU Deep Blue Scrub, then apply the Oligomarine Hydrating Cream, your skin will literally be transformed over time.

The great thing about the ALL-IN-ONE Serum is that if you already have a skin care system that you think works for you—or you simply want to be a good steward of your money and use what you have—it is not necessary to abandon it right away. Start with the ALL-IN-ONE Serum on clean, dry skin and you can apply your usual skin care products afterward and transition to the complete DeU Skin Care line as you use up your old products.

Remember the entire DeU line of products is overwhelmingly green, derived from plant and seaweed/algae extracts, no animal or chemical ingredients. These products that once were available only in Italy are now available to you! For the first time in the United States, through DeU America, these products are available to you!

It's never too late or too soon to start taking care of your skin! Why wouldn't you start using DeU today?!