Our Story

Revolutionary Skin Care from Italy

How exciting it is to offer the revolutionary DeU Skin Program from Ross Pharma, Italy, based on seven years of scientific research by Rosella Rizzi, one of the world's leading experts in anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skin treatments. Everyone is naturally concerned about the health and detrimental effects of aging on your skin. The GOOD NEWS is that the latest biotechnology, driven by DeU Skin Program Italia, is a new and effective treatment system that reverses wrinkles around your eyes, face, neck, décolleté, and even your hands. This is DeU!

Dr. David and Susan Whitten

Dr. David Whitten is proud to exclusively offer these amazing, patented skin treatments in the United States. As DeU America we offer consumers an awesome array of premium personal skin care products for the entire family. We also offer professionals an unmatched range of luxury spa and beauty products for both men and women. In fact, "DeU" (Donna e Uomini) means "Man and Woman" in Italian, while M&W stands for ‘Man and Woman’ in English. Science can be beautiful and this natural skin care line promises to revolutionize the industry, delivering results that all the others merely promise—skin care designed for everyone!

Highest Standard of Quality

All DeU America Skin Care products are designed in full conformity to the latest European Medical Device Directives, and carry the CE mark as a sign of compliance with all EU legislation for medical devices. EU approved for several years, these products are also registered with the FDA. Unlike many cosmetic products on the market, our product line has been designed, verified, and produced under strict pharmaceutical good manufacturing practices. Most of these treatment products have been independently tested and reviewed by The University of Milan and other leading academic institutions. Full details of the results of safety and efficacy test are available to view.

Above all, our products are of the highest quality and are both safe and effective. There is absolutely no animal testing used at any stage in the research and development or during the production process. Leading skin experts in Europe in consultation with Dermatologist, Gynecologist, and Beauty experts have developed DeU Skin Products to ensure the highest standard of quality.

Medical Director David Whitten, MD, PhD, FACEP

David Whitten MD, PhD, FACEP serves as Medical Director for DeU America and our sister company, The Beauty & Wellness Center in Northeast Texas. Dr. Whitten is a practicing medical doctor as well as a PhD physiologist trained at Harvard and the University of California in San Francisco. A native of Arkansas, Dr. Whitten is a Lifetime Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians in addition to being an internationally published author, speaker, scientist, and university professor.

The Beauty & Wellness Center specializes in medical spa, cosmetic surgery, and overall health and wellness treatments. DeU is ‘the beauty of science’ in a natural, effective, and safe skin care line—a perfect expression of our belief that Beauty & Wellness go hand in hand! If you would like to learn more about the various products we offer and shop for the perfect combination to fit your individual needs you have come to the right place!

If you want to learn about opportunities with DeU America, how to become a DeU America Skin Care Specialist, or carry DeU products in your spa or retail outlet, please explore this site! We both welcome you and thank you for your interest! You can also speak with one of the Beauty & Wellness Center's Health & Wellness team by calling (903) 831-5659 or by email at info@deuamerica.com.